Advanced dating seminar

The father, especially, should be involved in his daughter's relationships.He should at the very least have the right to say "no" when a man asks to marry his daughter. Gothard's teachings discourage dating and rock music, including Christian rock.Upcoming Conferences: List of all the conferences taking place over the next months.Every year the number of dating advice conferences and one-off seminar events is increasing.His mother, Carmen Christina Gothard (née Torres), was of Mexican-American descent. was a speaker at many seminars during the early years, and held high positions at organizations that included the Gideons, Child Evangelism Fellowship, and Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago.Gothard's primary teaching, his "Basic Seminar," focuses on what he refers to as seven "Basic Life Principles." He claims that these principles are universal and that people will suffer consequences for violating them.

Prerequisite: Completion of one other seminar series OR completion of The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program.His organization published "Basic CARE Bulletins" and offers "Stress Resolution Seminars." Gothard teaches that dating is morally dangerous and that courtship is the better alternative.Gothard encourages parents to be involved in their children's courtship.Just as there are laws of nature and physics, God's principles bring blessings or consequences when followed or violated.

The Advanced Seminar offers practical application of God's timeless principles in the areas of life purpose, marriage, family, and finances.

Taught by Bill Gothard, Gary Fraley, and Jim Sammons, the Advanced Seminar is a 25-hour video course.