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The thought of one Jewish person dating another Jewish person seems simple and straightforward, but sometimes it’s not!Read on for an inside perspective on Jewish dating in America.Without doing any complicated math, it’s easy to understand why the Jewish community encourages dating and marrying within the faith or conversion of a prospective spouse to Judaism. These and other similar issues may come up when Jews date non-Jews, and it’s important to address them sooner rather than later down the relationship road.When Jews date non-Jews, in many ways it can seem no different than any new relationship.

This common bond is one of the benefits of Jews dating and marrying each another.(Israel has the largest.) For a number of reasons – some practical, others emotional – there was a lot of pressure in the years that followed for Jewish children to only date and marry other Jews.At the same time, after years of discrimination, Jews were finally being included in mainstream American life, which has led to a more blended population … When I was growing up in Queens, one of the suburban boroughs of New York City, the neighborhood was very ethnic and predominantly Jewish.In the US, more Jews identify themselves through Jewish culture and tradition than formal religious affiliation.

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