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There is no fee to correct errors on death certificates if the correction is made prior to one year of the date of death.All corrections made after one year of the death are $20.00. Box 997410Sacramento, CA 95899-7410Processing corrections to a death certificate will take approximately three to four months.All of our caregivers are employed, registered with the State of California and experienced in home care.We also have available Certified Nurses Assistants, Certified Home Health Aides, and retired LVN's.County of Orange Clerk-Recorder provides certified copies of death certificates for events dating back to 1889.You can access their web site at call them at (714) 834-2500.Copies of death certificates requested more than 60 days after the death may be obtained from the Orange County Clerk-Recorder Office.Certified copies of death certificates may be purchased by mail within 60 days after deaths occurring in Orange County. Please include a stamped, self-addressed business-size or manilla envelope with your order.

Centralized Operations is responsible for procuring goods and services to accomplish agency goals.In addition, we process agency mail; monitor agency stocked forms; maintain closed files; fixed assets inventory control, maintain equipment/furniture inventory, and agency moves.For further information, please click: FAQs, Bids, CEO Purchasing.It is our goal to keep the same caregiver with a client so that they become like a member of their family.

After a caregiver is placed we keep in touch on a regular basis with both client and caregiver to make sure the client is receiving the best possible care.

Select an option below to print the application form (PDF file): The form must be completed, notarized and returned with your payment to: County of Orange Health Care Agency Birth and Death Registration P. Box 234Santa Ana, CA 92702-0234Please send Fed-Ex or certified mail to:1200 N. #100-ASanta Ana, CA 92701For further information, please call (714) 480-6700.