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Be sure your attorney reviews your handbook before you give it to employees.If you're undecided about whether to invest the time in creating a handbook, consider some of the other uses for a handbook in addition to communicating important information to employees.

(See if you can get a local English professor or graduate student, journalist or editor to review your work at no or low cost.) In most states, an employer may generally discharge an employee for practically any reason, or for no reason at all.In that situation, the court found that the employee had been improperly discharged.One way to keep your handbook from becoming an implied employment contract is to include a conspicuous piece of language that clearly says that your handbook is not an employment contract.Your freedom to end an employee's employment and to modify benefits and employment practices "at will" is limited, however, where a contract exists that imposes a limit.

And, if you're not careful in how you word your employee handbook, the handbook may be found to be a binding contract.

If you have only a handful of employees, the time it would take to assemble a handbook probably won't be worth it.