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There are now a lot more female directors, directors from Non-English speaking backgrounds, a lot of First Nation filmmakers and a lot more LGBTQI film makers.“Flickerfest has become an Academy Qualifying festival which has upped our international profile.With a large cast of international and Australian actors, Queen of the Damned began principal photography on 2 October 2000 in a former biscuit factory converted into a studio in the Melbourne suburb of St. Location filming took place around the city of Melbourne, although some filming was done in Los Angeles.For the scenes of Lestat's concert in Death Valley, over 3000 goths were recruited from Melbourne nightclubs and on the internet, then driven on a fleet of buses to a quarry in Werribee to act as extras.

Australia, an initiative launched by Australia's Minister of Sport to encourage more people to participate, a bunch of small kids are interviewed about their sporting ambitions.It’s quite prestigious to have that attached to Flickerfest.We’re a recognised pathway for discovering new talent.“It’s a much-anticipated event for them as we are spreading our short film love across the country,” said Kidd.

“It has been a joy to see Flickerfest extend its reach as the home of great short film across the country, and watching audiences warmly embrace the inspiring art of short filmmaking.” “Each year I remain continually passionate and excited about the incredible short films that come through and the incredible filmmakers that we get to showcase.

A reimagined Mick Dundee portrayed by comedy legend Darren Gilshenan has the lovely Anna Bamford by his side with Flickerfest Alumni Sheila Jayadev directing.