Amazon com christian and muslim dating

Let’s not allow companies to continue supporting the livelihoods of career Islamophobes, who depend on dehumanising, xenophobic narratives about all Muslims as liars and secret jihadist extremists.

Amazon said its new advert, which is launching in the UK, US and Germany, is about "selflessness and thinking of other people".So it comes as a cruel slap in the face to learn that the same company is openly promoting and selling hate material that emboldens the far-right, and gives credence to their crass Islamophobia.This material is Tommy Robinson’s latest book, which labels me, my family and millions of other peaceful ordinary Muslims as killers, liars, and rapists. A semi-literate felon who has never studied Islam, can't read Arabic, and never spent time in the Middle East wrote a book on "Islam." Rjg0a7v PS — CJ Werleman (@cjwerleman) July 24, 2017It’s no coincidence that Mc Loughlin isn’t a novice to Amazon, he has already been selling his controversial book ‘Easy Meat’ on there since 2016.Ironically, Mc Loughlin calls Muslims liars and yet his book is peddling the biggest lie itself – that billions of Muslims across the globe are all latent killers.

Right now, Amazon and the authors of ‘Why Muslims kill’ don’t care about Amazon should particularly be held to account for sharing in the profits of a book that clearly comes from a position of animosity towards Muslims – and also validating its ‘number 1 bestseller’ status, which gives it an air of credibility.

Mc Loughlin is not alone, the list of ‘authors’ selling their hateful theories on Amazon is growing.