Are mz berry and ray j dating

Yes, the friend who say, “Friend, your dress is too tight.” You must decide that you’re going to be that friend who puts her foot down and refuses to let your friend walk out of the house looking any kind of way.Even if you don’t do that for your friend, at least do it for yourself.After all, whenever I see a woman with her friends and she’s wearing something too tight, too short, and just plain wrong for her, I fault her friends.I think either (a) her friends think what she’s wearing is cute which makes me also look at them with one eyebrow raised or (b) they aren’t real friends because friends don’t let friends wear stuff like this: (Image/ We all probably have different levels of friendship amongst our friends.When asked their age, so many women state, “You aren’t supposed to ask a woman her age.” Or when asked what birthday they are celebrating, some women will say, “I’m celebrating my 25th birthday” even though its clear that 25 came and left a long time ago. Most men are naturally competitive so they will do what it takes to win, because after all, it is a competition.And here’s another one that I hear–“I’m celebrating the 9th anniversary of my 21st birthday.” Ladies, we should never be ashamed of our age. So how will you know what’s real on this reality show? w=283" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-155" title="blonde woman in bathrobe" src="

For more information in Connie please check out In Radio” is the hottest show around, the best place to discuss the latest blog headlines, fashion, hip-hop, and issues going on in our local communities. Berry’s first episode was one of our finest shows to date; the episode was all about giving back and overcoming, Track Star Kellie Wells ( discussed upcoming charity events they are participating in.The one friend you can’t get mad at for telling you something that you don’t want to hear. (But if your friend is also looking a mess, pick another friend.) Let me start off by saying that I’ve never worn either so I don’t consider myself an expert on this subject matter, but I do know a bad weave or wig when I see it. Are there any other rules about wigs and weave that I missed? Three seasons of Flavor of Love and I still wonder how there was even a Season 1 of that show (I know I’m not the only one wondering why one young woman would want a then almost 50 year old recovering drug addict with 7 kids much less 65 women over 3 seasons).The one friend who can do so knowing that it’s her job as your friend to keep it real with you. Tags: Britney Spears, Gabourey Sidibe, Kate Gosselin, Mel B, Naomi Campbell, Weave, Wig On the Eve of my birthday, I thought it was very appropriate to give this bit of advice. Do you really think that in a couple of months of living in a house with a bunch of other women, going on a few group dates, getting 5 minutes of his time every few days, having a couple of one-on-one dates, meeting the family, and one overnight date that you will know the guy well enough to find a husband?I e’em wrote about how she can’t dress herself WORTH A DAMB right now (Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Wardrobe is Awkward), rocking bodycon dresses and looking like a squozed up sausage. Meanwhile, everyone is calling the girl fat, as if they expected to LOSE weight when carrying a baby in her womb. But what sucks more for the lady is that the Ghost of Exes Past keeps haunting her. That sextape did get us to know who Kim Kardashian is but it also branded her with the tramp stamp scarlet letter I don’t think she deserves. I used to be part of the loud chorus of folks calling her a hoe but I’ve grown in the past couple of years and really thought about my beliefs and my judgeyness. Also, if you think Kim is a hoe, then what’s your sister, aunt and cousins doing? Ray-J is a world class asshole for this song, which he did because he is a trashy, spiteful, washed up and bitter dustrag. Someone created a cartoon of Morgan Freeman reading the lyrics and it is as hilarious as you might imagine. Then as they walked into the Givenchy store building, Kanye stood by and waited for Kim to open the door. Just watch: I was outdone and offended on her behalf. How are you not only gonna let her tug the door herself, but you WAITED for her to do it? Even my regular guy friends open my door when we’re together. Kim actually pumped Kanye’s gas while he sat in the car. And for me, the lack of chivalry thing represents itself in other areas. Kanye is all: One of my friends pointed out that he wasn’t in a protective stance at all. Anywho, am I the only one feeling bad for Kim, and wishing some of the men she’s dealt with and deals with get atomic wedgies that last for weeks?

Her divorce to Kris Humphries finally got finalized. Someone needs to cunt punt Ray-J into getting some sense. The whole “hoe” thing is problematic for many reasons, like the fact that it’s so damb subjective and it’s the go-to insult that people use to hit below the belt. Meanwhile, Kanye’s watching his pregnant girlfriend let herself in a building like he ain’t got no home training. Kanye didn’t show much consideration for Kim and that was in the 30 second clip. And another said maybe they fought because Kim broke the “no color” rule since she was in red. So this is the nonsense Kimberly Kardashian has been dealing with. Well, Ray-J deserves to be given a papercut while someone dips his hand in nailpolish remover.

We design for all body types knowing that dressing accordingly to the body type is the key to success. Therefore, we have chosen 17 strong women that are all beautiful in different ways yet they all have something in common: they are ambitious and independent. We are so happy to be able to bring them all together to walk for us and represent the SACHIKA movement.