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Rodrigo meanwhile writes most of the melodies and wields a plectrum to play monster riffs and melodic solos, leaving Gab to create the song structures based on Rod’s melodies.First things first: please don’t mistakenly label them as folk, Latin or, most egregiously, flamenco – although they are influenced by all of those – as the only genre they both feel comfortable with is rock.“People still confuse our music with flamenco music, probably because we play nylon-string guitars and there is an influence,” Gabriela says.“Most of our albums have been a concept but this will be more about a variety: instrumentals, cover versions, thrash metal versions, and four songs with vocals.So it’s very eclectic.”Rodrigo and Gabriela have been singing a song or two live at each show of late and there will be vocals from them as well as guests on the next album too.

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They began by busking but then broke internationally thanks to the millions of views the You Tube videos illustrating their enormously emotive guitar playing racked up.’“ “Our metal band Tierra Acida didn’t break through,” Gabriela explains, “and we decided that our chances of getting a record deal were non-existent after chasing one for years.We picked Dublin as we knew someone living there and figured it would be a new start moving so far away.I guess we set ourselves free from chasing the record deal dream.

Instead we just focused on our music and we enjoyed it much more without the added pressure.”Ironically Rodrigo was the aspiring drummer as a child, whereas Gab became the percussive player of the duo and only ever wanted to play guitar.

Coming from a metal background we wanted a big sound but we didn’t want a full band. But I think we complement each other.”“Going from electric to acoustic was difficult.

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    Fri 03/09/2018. "Womadelaide". + Rahim AlHaj, Anoushka Shankar, Bixiga 70, Adrian Sherwood, Violons Barbares, Tank and the Bangas, Nai Palm, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, My Bubba, Hat Fitz & Cara, Didirri. Botanic Park. Adelaide, Australia · Sat 03/10/2018. Rodrigo y Gabriela. Forum Melbourne. Melbourne, Australia.…