Ashley cole dating cheryl cole look alike

‘I personally don’t see the resemblance, but strangers come up to me and say how similar we are.Even Ash agrees.’The pair met at the Supperclub in May, and slept together that night after cheating Ashley took her back to his Surrey flat for a Mc Donald's takeaway.‘I asked him where we were going, and he replied, "I’m not telling you!By this time, his mate had left and his spare room was free, so we went in there and had sex again.’‘I was wearing a black and pink dress and he kept saying what a nice body I had, and that he liked my bum and my face.’The dancer met up with Ashley once more before he flew to South Africa with the England team, and as she left his London flat he reportedly yelled from the balcony, 'See you later, sexy bum.’Miss Purnell has revealed that she was in contact with Cole throughout the World Cup.

Okay, so we know he’s not a foxy as Mr Andre, but still he clearly has a soft spot for Cheryl, and he makes awesome music, which Cheryl like to be a part of…She gave an interview to New magazine in June, while he was in South Africa for the World Cup.It was then that the mother-of-one compared herself to Ashley's ex-wife, Cheryl Cole, saying ‘People are always telling me I look like her.Meanwhile Ashley looked less happy with being photographed as he made his way from Chinawhite, where he had been partying with Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou after Chelsea's win over West Brom.