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Overall the Miniature Australian Shepherd is a wonderful dog with children of all ages.They are very active dogs requiring lots of daily exercise and they will run and play with children as long as the kids are merle, blue merle, black, and red/liver solid colors with white markings on the face, chest and legs.All eyes colors including mixed eye colors and black or liver skin pigment colors are acceptable depending on coat color.They are not yappy like some of the miniature breeds and can easily and quickly be taught not to bark or to stop barking on command.

The body is longer than the dog is tall at the shoulders, and the ribcage and chest is moderately developed.They have a medium length straight coat that can have a slight wave but never a curl.The coat is double with a somewhat thick and coarse outer coat covering a soft, downy inner coat.The ears are carried high on the head and are full triangles with slightly rounded tips.

The top one quarter to one half of the ear should fold forward and ears with no fold or ears that don't stay erect are considered faults in show dogs.

The neck is in proportion to the body and flows naturally into the powerful shoulders.