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The stock option backdating litigation is unusual if not unique as each litigation could conceivably have been brought as a stand-alone derivative lawsuit or as a parallel litigation (with both a derivative lawsuit and a private securities class action).Which genre of litigation was better at deterring executive fraud? The parallel litigation, which includes private securities class actions, is positively associated with the forced departure of stock option backdating fraudster executives.Of the 151 stock option backdating litigation observations, 53 were parallel (they included both private securities class actions and derivative lawsuits) and 98 were derivative-only.

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We all know that securities class action suits are highly predictable, high-dollar exposure for directors and officers of public companies.20%, the fraudster executives were forced to depart their companies.In multiple logistic regression, which included control variables, the difference was significant at a probability value of .003.The suits are styled as “derivative” because the shareholders aren’t bringing the suits directly.

Rather, the shareholder is bringing the suit the corporation that is being injured by the reported misconduct of the directors and officers.

In all of the derivative lawsuits fees were paid to the plaintiff attorneys.

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    Mar 11, 2016. In this study, Securities Class Actions Compared to Derivative Lawsuits Evidence from the Stock Option Backdating Litigation on their Relative Disciplining of Fraudster Executives, 35% of the 151 stock option backdating litigation observations included private securities class actions in addition.…
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