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She has also established herself as a socialite and reality TV star.

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Instead, there are more Cubans and Mexicans in film.They would repeat: "A TV ad here, a TV ad there and then what?"After New York, I moved to Los Angeles, where my brother was living. I won a scholarship to study at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting. I studied acting intensively at Stella Adler for three or four years. We Puerto Ricans are almost North Americans, since we have the opportunity of traveling in and out of The United States as we please. We come to The States and go back to Puerto Rico at will.Puerto Ricans' peculiar circumstances make us completely different from other Latin Americans. Even so, many Puerto Ricans go back to Puerto Rico and stay there, where the film industry is limited.

If what happened in Cuba had happened in Puerto Rico, I would also be here now.

Soon afterwards, I moved to New York to study acting.

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