Biblical parent help on dating teens

It’s true that one can still find steamy windows in cars parked on “lover’s lanes” across the country, but researchers say that teens are starting to experiment with sexual behaviors years before they obtain a driver’s license.Hayley Di Marco, author of has talked with teens from across the U. and heard their accounts of engaging in sexual behavior at a young age with disastrous results.

Rather than offend somebody and say a bad word, they are just going to keep letting them do what they are doing,” Di Marco said.The reason parents are often the last to know, she said, is because parents do not fully understand how commonplace these sexual behaviors have become in their children’s generation.The teens have been desensitized by the sexual messages on television, in movies, in magazines, and from their friends.Di Marco said that many of the teens she hears from grew up in good Christian homes but still gave in to sexual temptation in their dating relationships.