Bosco wong dating myolie

As reported on On CC, rumours of their romance sparked recently after the actor was seen sneaking into a Sha Tin apartment where the model is said to be staying at temporarily.They were also seen at a supermarket together around the afternoon of 10 March, hiding behind matching caps and face masks.However, upon realising that the paparazzi were onto him, Bosco quickly took his female friend out through the back door and left the premise via a cab.It was reported that Bosco has started dating Ibaraki-born Jun after they filmed an advertisement together.He also confessed that his dream is to pursue acting in more movies and wish to direct his own one day.He again received positive reviews for his solid performance as the central character Sit Ho Ching in "Golden Brother"(2014)., which subsequently won him Best Leading Actor award at Europe China Image Film Festival 2014, London.In 2005 he stepped forward as a dramatic and comedic actor in Wars of In-Laws and obtained TVB's Most Improved Actor Award of the year.Afterwards, his performance as a socially inept youth in Dicey Business(2006) earned him even more exposure and recognition as a rising actor.

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong ended their relationship back in 2012 after eight years together.His debut came in 2003 when he was offered supporting roles in modern drama Triumph in the Skies, ancient series Find The Light, and youth drama Aqua Heroes.He then starred in Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu in 2004.Her 11 bridesmaids, including actresses Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu and Selena Li, did not hold up the ceremony by making things too difficult for the band of brothers.

After reading aloud a declaration of love, the groom was allowed to pick up the bride, who wore a two-piece Chinese wedding dress with 3D embroidered dragons and phoenixes.

PHOTO: Following her high-profile breakup with fellow actor Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu has found love again. Entrepreneur Philip Lee, who fell in love with her after seeing one of her photos, which was shared by a mutual friend.