This is a critical job, and can have a great impact on an engine's performance at different speeds.On the next page of this article you can see the animation we built to really show you the difference between a performance camshaft and a standard one.Entries are being accepted from now until 19 March 2018. Hashem Pesaran) was featured in the Albawaba News article "Reneging on the Nuclear Deal Will Isolate America, Empower China, and Distance Europe". Bateman on BBC Radio 4Dr Victoria Bateman spoke on a Radio 4 Money-Box special this Wednesday on the topic "what Britain sells".This week, the Naked Scientists meet biologists who are inventing a new form of genetic information: the strange science called Xenobiology.Plus, a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer and the video game that tackles fake news.A pilot study has shown some early success in building resistance to fake news among teenagers.Sir Colin Humphreys is known for his pioneering work in LED technology.

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There will be activities, demonstrations, and games suitible for all ages provided by the Institute of Astronomy, The Kavli Institute for Cosmology, and the Cambridge Astronomical Association. The first major release of data from the the Dark Energy Survey yields information on about 400 million astronomical objects, including distant galaxies billions of light years away as well as stars in our own galaxy Read more...In the last ten years Ahmed Balboula and his family have lived in three different countries as he’s pursued a career in reproductive genetics.His current research looks at the role of genes in determining success rates in fertilisation .It would be impossible to actually run a normal engine this slowly, but let's imagine that we could. When you increase the RPM, the 10 to 20 RPM configuration for the camshaft does not work well.

At this slow speed, we would want cam lobes shaped so that: This setup would work really well for the engine as long as it ran at this very slow speed. If the engine is running at 4,000 RPM, the valves are opening and closing 2,000 times every minute, or 33 times every second.

Japan's Hitomi X-ray observatory captured exceptional information about the chemical make-up of the hot gas in the Perseus galaxy cluster, providing new insights into the stellar explosions that formed most of these elements and cast them into space. International teams of scientists – including researchers from the University of Cambridge – announced the detection of this event and the significant scientific firsts it has revealed about our Universe.

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