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If you get any dares to your Whats App which are not mentioned in this Whats App dares list, please spend a minute and comment it on this article.We’ll modify the commented Whats App dare and add them to our collection.Make a video call and show me what you’re doing now. Now I check whether you have been paying attention or not. return to list This Whats App questions and answer game is very simple. But most of you might have lost those books somewhere.First, send all below 10 questions to your friend and wait for their reply. Not a problem, send this Whats App slam book questions for your friends and get their lovely answers.return to list The new trend in Whats App is playing dare games using Whats App stories.

Today we decided to write one more Whats App dare article with even more interesting Whats App dare games, Whats App dare messages and Whats App dare questions.– Write I Love You along with my name in your Facebook bio. – Reveal your deepest secret in our group chat on Facebook. – Change your Facebook cover photo to something funny. If you want to know about one of my personals then I’m giving you a chance. You can not change it once asked.1 – Take a selfie using your back camera and send it to me.2 – Make my name as your Whats App status or story saying that you want to marry me.3 – Text me I love you for 2 days every hour.4 – Sing your favorite song and send it as a voice note.5 – Send me a voice clip speaking about me at least for 3mins6 – Eat 1 spoon of salt.7 – 30 pushups with one hand.8 – Be my best friend for 2 days.9 – Create a collage of our photos and make set it as your Whats App profile picture.10 – Lucky you. Take me out for Ice cream treat Delete my number from your contacts. What is the one thing that you like that most in my character? If you cheat, our friendship will break in next 7 days. Tell me a secret about your family Tell me a secret about your relationship with me? Dare for Q2: Give that chocolate whenever we met next time.Ask one from the below 35 questions and I’ll answer it honestly. You need to do the dares as mentioned in 2, 8 and 15.11 – Send I Love You 100 times to me.12 – Take a selfie and send it to me.13 – Do a video call for 10 minutes and don’t speak anything.14 – Add my profile picture to your Whats App status saying and add a caption saying you love me.15 – Flirt with me using emojis.return to list We all know smilies are very helpful to convey messages if we can not express in words directly. Write “I’m Mad” in your Whats App story for two days. Send a voice clip to me saying I wanna marry you soon. If you can answer all these 5 questions, I will add your image to my Whats App story saying you are the smartest person. Combine our pictures and put it as your Whats App profile picture for 1 day. Select one number below and it will decide the name I’ll call you from today. Dare for Q2: Book tickets for us whatever movie is playing in that theater.This Whats App dare games and Whats App dare questions can also be played with smileys. – Write your Facebook status saying you are in love with someone.

If you are looking for Whatsapp dare choose smiley, don’t worry we covered it in this article already.? – Change your Facebook name into your crush’s name – Tell me your Facebook password – Replace your current display picture with a monkey picture.

So without any further delay, let’s start our list of Whats App dare messages, Whats App dare games, and Whats App dare questions with their answers. – Replace your current Facebook display picture with a baby picture. – Do a recharge of 198/- and post the screenshot on Facebook.