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Quote: Its TV/Movie industry slang (and it is Kiwi!) for someone who works on/designs/sews the costumes. When using lifts (elevators) we are always one floor out!

These words and phrases have been gleaned from many sources.It is also often used as a substitute for "pardon"? flannel: wash cloth flash: sensational or "thats flash" meaning it looks really good.flat: apartment flicks: movies, picture theatre flog: steal, nick footpath: pavement or sidewalk fortnight: two consecutive weeks, derived from 14 days (nights) french letter: condom frenchie: condom fringe: bangs frock tart: without the persistance of Laura Straub the meaning of this phrase would have remained a mystery.", and meaning either "Mind your own business" or "I'm just wandering around".

Or "up the boohai" (out of place; awry) boot: car trunk box of budgies: cheerful, happy, very good boxing day: the day after Christmas Day.

(A&P = Agricultural & Pastoral) arse: rear end, butt A B C D F G H I J K L M N P Q R S T V W Y Z banger: sausage bach: small holiday home, pronounced "batch" beaut: great; good fun; "that'll be beaut mate" bit of a dag: hard case; comedian; joker biscuit: cookie bloke: usually a man, and often used when referring to a stranger as in; "There's this bloke down the road who sells greasies from his pie-cart for $1 a bag, which is much cheaper than that bloke who has a shop", or used when referring to someone you like, as in; "That bloke, Joe Blow, is a really nice guy once you get to know him".

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