Cebuanas is a popular dating website with lovely Filipina women members mainly from Cebu, a beautiful island in Philippines.As is the case with other similar websites, men tend to be in the higher age bracket on this site too.Your profile also gets a rating which will improve once your email, profile information and photos are validated.You can choose to send flowers and chocolates to the woman you are interested in.Religion runs more deeply in this corner of the archipelago, partly because this is where Catholicism first took root in the country four and a half centuries ago.So the lady of your dreams might dress and strut like Beyoncé or Britney but scratch the surface of a Cebuana and you find religious devotion to rival a Southern Baptist’s.The packages start from about $35 and can cost up to $100.Do you really want to spend so much on flowers on a woman you did not even meet?

Since these patriarchs like to keep their daughters on a tight leash, the aristocratic young Filipinas go to college in Cebu City itself rather than to the teeming metropolis that is far Manila.Aside from the occasional milky complexion and haughty nose, they also have fiery temperaments that can erupt if you try running roughshod over them. Cebu and Cebuanas retain a tinge of that Old World flavor because the Spaniards landed here first in 1521, barely 29 years after Columbus made it to the West Indies.Hence, the oldest Catholic basilica in Asia remains standing here.In part, that’s because the central islands are none too densely populated.

But then again, isn’t this just perfect for folks who are not convinced they have what it takes to stand out in a crowd?

So you could get lucky, like Bill, who was swamped with over 5,000 Cebuanas who were keen on him over many months that he was online.