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This was considered an immediate fail, all those outfit changes, push-up bras and false eyelash applications are gone down the drain.Sometimes, if the date was at a restaurant, I’d turn up wildly early just to be seated when he showed up, so it could buy me a little more time.I usually go with ankle boots or flats, so that I can force my legs to walk ‘normally’.

Dudes are visual creatures, so it’s important that I wear something to distract them from my legs and draw attention to my boobs, to prevent a flight risk; low cut maxi dresses are the go to.I am one of the 17 million rock stars with spastic diplegic Cerebral Palsy, a motor disability that affects my posture and movement in both legs.In my case, I’m chronically pigeon-toed with a limp and shocking balance, and at any point of any day am in some degree of discomfort.I hadn’t planned on doing it so late, but wanted to wait for the right person – it just took a bit longer than I expected People stand you up at the last minute. Before I met my current partner Tom* while out with friends in a club, I had experiences where people would plan to go on a date with me only for them to find out about my disability and then make an excuse, or decide that they just weren’t interested.

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    Apr 14, 2016. Holly, 24, has cerebral palsy and sclerosis, and she uses a wheelchair. She's tried online dating, and has run into misconceptions time and again about dating and having sex with someone with a disability. When she meets someone new and the subject of sex comes up. “They just assume that I'm a virgin.…