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It is not clear which car rental companies in Italy are using this database, nor for how long, although I was told that the system could have been in place for as long as three years.What this means is that by ignoring, not paying or not appealing fines for driving offences in Italy you may cause yourself problems if you come to Italy again and attempt to rent a car.The advantage of this option is that appeals to Italian justices of the peace are more likely to be successful – indeed, a good lawyer should be able to give you an idea as to whether an appeal is likely to succeed or not, before it goes to court.Italian justices of the peace do sometimes annul or reduce fines, but do not always double them.However, as lawyers the world over will confirm, judges can be unpredictable creatures, so the outcome of any appeal can never be 100% certain.

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Other updates follow, but most of what you need to know is in Section 1. Some readers, i Phone users, for example, may be interested to hear that there is an i Phone application which can warn you of the presence of speed cameras – it’s called i Speed Cam Italy, and can be bought here for a couple of dollars: i Speed Cam Italy on Apple’s i Tunes store.If you do not pay the fine at the time you attempt to rent a car, you will not be allowed to rent it.One person, I understand, managed to avoid paying overdue fines by renting a car in his wife’s name.201,1 – Notificazione delle violazioni (Notifcation of violations)For foreign residents the 360 day period for sending out fines is unchanged. 196, quale risulta dai pubblici registri alla data dell’accertamento.

Se si tratta di ciclomotore la notificazione deve essere fatta all’intestatario del contrassegno di identificazione.

Revisions to Italy’s highway code have been approved by the Italian parliament – new law n.120, dated 29 July, 2010.