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For example, 24,993 species names of fish have been eliminated from the Catalog of Fishes in the last 25 years.In the case of the three Arizona chub species, Page says there were no genetic markings that indicate they deserve separate species labels; the fish breed with each other and the morphological differences are subtle.

There have been some doozies, and the more I chat with plus-size folks, the more I realize we all share many of the doozies.The Gila, which inhabits just 15 percent of its historic range, was federally listed as endangered in 2005, the same year its fellow chubs, the roundtail and headwater, were found to merit protection.Eleven years later, USFWS still hasn’t finalized their status.“This taxonomic dispute is not simply an academic exercise of whether to lump or split taxa,” the scientists wrote.

“Because the decision has enormous implications for the conservation of imperiled species.” Still, in the short term, little will likely change in how the fish are managed, Carter of AZGFD says.

The department will keep managing the chubs under their existing state conservation agreements until the USFWS makes a decision on their respective listing status, including removing nonnative competitors and reintroducing the chubs to their historic ranges.