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Learning a language is a complex process that is different for each individual based on several different factors.Let's take a look at these different factors and how they impact how fast you learn a retail place, at the checkout counter in a hotel, at a mechanics shop or in a massage parlour.As the person behind the counter or cash register hands you the bill, you hand him the cash and say : Click here for an in-depth article with audio about a conversation in French between shopkeeper and customer It may not be the kind of conversation in French you are looking to have, but if you wish to really fit it in France, you need to have at least some basic complaining skills, a national sport there.

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Each phrase is explained in context, with audio for pronunciation.someone you know from work, instead of an informal "à plus" you may use : Click here for an in-depth article on French conversation phrases used for greetings Click here for a video lesson for beginners using French conversation phrases for greetings In this basic conversation scenario, you're walking in the street looking for a place.You walk up to someone and say : Note that while "s'il vous plait" usually means please, here it's closer to "excuse-me" or "pardon me"." (excuse me sir, do you know if the post office is in this direction ?

) Click here for a video lesson with a conversation in French about asking for directions in French Now that you know how to find your way to a store, let's look at some basic conversation phrases in French for buying something in that store.

E.g., to speak to someone you don't know, you might start the conversation with "s'il vous plait..." as in "excuse me..."If you need information other than time, there are a couple of basic phrases you can prepend to your question to get the conversation started. )Click here for a article with a full dialogue and audio about ordering in a restaurant in French Click here for a video dialogue and lesson about ordering in restaurant in French The most useful French conversation phrases you should know are thank you phrases. The person next to you picks up something you dropped and hands it to you.

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