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Oliver finds himself investigating a larger plot orchestrated by Slade Wilson, involving "Mirakuru", a strength-enhancing drug.It is Slade's intention to destroy everything and everyone Oliver cares for.He lives in his foundry safe-house, having lost his mansion.Oliver is faced with the moral question of whether he can be Oliver Queen and live his life while the city needs the Arrow.The following is a list of characters who have appeared in the television series.Many are named after (or based on) DC Comics characters.

In season three, Oliver has become a public hero to the citizens of Starling City and has taken Roy on as a full sidekick.The main cast featured in a promotional image for the second season.From left to right, Laurel (Cassidy), Slade (Bennett), Felicity (Rickards), Oliver (Amell), John (Ramsey), Thea (Holland), and Roy (Haynes).The vigilante team ultimately realizes the list of names is connected to a larger conspiracy called "The Undertaking", a scheme orchestrated by Malcolm Merlyn to destroy the poor and crime-ridden neighborhood of the Glades.

Oliver fights and supposedly kills Malcolm but The Undertaking succeeds, leaving the Glades largely destroyed and 503 dead including Tommy Merlyn.

In season two, Oliver returns to Starling City after spending time at Lian Yu to work through his grief.