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Be sure to read below about all the exciting new adventures coming to the Grand Canyon Caverns and our partners this year.Mike Kadletz, business manager of the Grand Canyon Caverns, an Arizona Route 66 landmark for over 75 years has hired the OCGALT Paranormal team (Orange County Ghosts and Legends Paranormal Team) in Orange County California to finally put to rest, or confirm, the existence of the reports of Ghost and paranormal activity at the Grand Canyon Caverns to rest.Please, re-read the above paragraph, slowly, and think about what each feature represents. The room is completely furnished with all amenities one would need…You take the elevator down 22 stories underground and spend the night in a place so quiet and dark, so large and so old, and so alone. 220 feet below the surface, 2 double beds, living room with a queen fold out sofa, (room sleeps up to 6), a library of old books and magazines such as a National Geographic collection dating back to 1917, dictionaries and other books dating back to the late 1800’s. but keep in mind that the caverns has guided tours 363 days a year along the concrete trails that curves around all sides of the room, so your privacy is limited during tour hours.This means everything at the caverns that would be normally frozen and closed is open and operational.It’s fun to see visitors playing our Disc Golf Course in January.Your water is hand carried down and up by staff (100 gallons) and an employee is station on top ground level at the top of the elevator should you need assistance.Not everyone will get to experience this wonderful most unique unusual place in time and in the world. 2018 has started out for us with a very mild winter and plenty of sunshine – much like our friends in Southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix are all experiencing at home.

And at night in the darkness of the caverns, you do hear things that are not supposed to be heard according to reports.

But, the weather is perfect this year – come join us! For the first time since the freeway bypassed the Caverns many years ago, leaving Route 66 to a foregone era, we are anticipating a shortage of hotel rooms and record high occupancy.

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