Dating adds of women with height and weight

It's normal for newlyweds to get in the "couple bubble," says family therapist Jenn Berman, Ph D.And a recent study from the journal Obesity confirms it: Women who go from single or dating to married become less active.No need to cancel your Netflix queue and return to a single-girl social calendar, though.Berman recommends simply making an effort to plan out-of-the-house dates..not necessarily heavy-duty pursuits like hiking or dancing.

Turns out that new husbands can feel freaked when their bride suddenly goes up two dress sizes — they think maybe she now cares less about the relationship.It may sound simplistic, but not being influenced by what or how much he's having can easily knock off up to 300 calories per meal.Another easy technique that Rosenstock swears by: snacking smartly but often.Men usually munch less between meals than women do.