Dating is dead

The new way is texting asking what to do and responding with the classic, Every girl is shaking her head right now because we have all seen it before, boys that don’t know how to date.Now, I’m not saying boys need to roll out the red carpet every Friday night, but whatever happened to holding a door open for the ladies?You may have trouble finding a soulmate among the penis pics and compulsive liars on these dating apps, but you sure as hell can get laid, same as the boys.SPONSORED: THIS AWESOME DATING APP WILL SHOW YOU REVIEWS OF YOUR MATCHES BEFORE YOU MEET!Not only do these apps put a never-ending stream of images of beautiful women in front of guys now, but they also make it incredibly easy to actually meet these women in real life.With limited to no effort (a swipe or simple message), a guy can find a girl relatively close to his location in a very short span of time.While texting her from the car may be quick and easy, it will impress her parents and it is the respectful thing to do.

Seamus Finnigan once wrote her a personalized letter that included the words "MAN U. " When she's not doing the stuff on the Inter Webs, Maddy spends way too much time at the movies, discusses the falling hot dog quality in the neighborhood with her roommate, and intimidates men with her Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter trivia knowledge.Once they have a big enough selection, they’ll decide which one’s the winner for the night.It used to take years to build up a little black book of women to call, now it’s minutes before a guy can talk to dozens of women at the same time. True, these apps have probably banished traditional dating to the land of other extinct things like dinosaurs and My Space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to your benefit too.This is completely free to do to impress your date and used to be expected anyways.

On top of this, when you go to pick a girl up, you should walk up to the door to get her.

It’s too bad we spent our teen years memorizing the “rules of dating” according to Carrie Bradshaw, since by the time we hit our 20s, every single expectation of how we’d meet “The One” had been completely dashed by the reality of online dating.