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I would like to know the general information and as well information on some details such as the followings: What should we do and what should we avoid doing in the ceremony? Are there recommendations on how I should dress and present myself?I do not wear hijab but I dress modestly without make-up and I tie my hair.

Muslims are instructed on how to channel these desires to live a tranquil, settled life.You say you do not wear hijab, so while you have the right to be happy and look beautiful on this special occasion, you are also expected to do that in a modest and conservative way, taking into consideration that the men around are non-mahram to you.May Allah guide you and support you to please Him as best you can.Islam encourages us to be friendly and warm to everyone as long as they are kind and friendly to us.

You can encourage them to write their wishes and advice for you in a special book you prepare for this occasion.

Therefore, if a man and woman were destined by Allah for each other, there will be plenty of time to express their feelings freely once they are married.