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The singer began planning the record in 2014, at which time she left her previous label Def Jam and joined Roc Nation.Work continued into 2015, during which she released three singles including "Four Five Seconds", which reached the top 10 in several markets; they were ultimately removed from the final track listing.I just wanted to make a body of work that felt right!In May 2014, it was announced that Rihanna had left Def Jam Recordings to sign fully with her manager Jay Z's company Roc Nation, and later revealed she had acquired the masters to all her recordings and would be releasing her eighth studio album jointly through her own record label Westbury Road and Roc Nation.After visiting Rihanna's home, Shultz was contacted a week later by the singer's team who stated that she really liked the record.Rihanna, Fauntleroy and Kuk Harrell, were all later involved in the songs development, production and recording.

I had no idea how it would be received, neither was that something I considered.The former was written by Chad Sabo during his time in California, where Sabo was playing with the band Basic Vacation.Sabo was in the band's van and began to write the intro riff that would become "Never Ending".West further compared Rihanna's vocals on the song to that of Scottish singer Annie Lennox: "I feel like she has this type of energy in her vocals.

And she even brought it to another level of like soul and heart and artistry".

The album was released to positive reviews from music critics and numerous publications included it on their lists of the best albums of 2016.