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We have become a large crowd, some nights over 30 people to play in 2-1/2 hour slot.We have asked repeatedly for more time to be opened to our game but we are FLATLY refused every time and reason given is “basketball.” Since when one sport take preference over another and also we get the court for only 5 hour out of the week.In 2012, they acquired 33 gyms from Lifestyle Family Fitness in Florida.In 2013, the company The Buffalo and Rochester Athletic Clubs in Western New York.

This message is for management or someone who WILL make changes to the Bulverde Road location in San Antonio, TX please. I’m in medical/lipo sales and have been in sales all my 20 working years.Facilities and equipment were always clean, no dirty paper towels left in or around cups on treadmills, no sweat stains, no spots on benches, etc. MOST importantly, it was always cool in temperature, ESPECIALLY on hot or humid days.They were always fully stocked with BEST pre-workout, post workouts, electrolyte drinks & waters. Being a runner, this is VERY important to have the temperature cooler, for optimum runs.Your business tactics are something to be ashamed of.