Dating someone who has been in jail

You realise that prison inmates have tips on pooing which we could ALL learn from – frankly, the Courtesy Flush should be mandatory everywhere.The thread, ‘People who have been incarcerated, what unexpected habits did you stick with following your release,’ can be found here.And in the shark infested world of online dating, we assume their only experience of porridge to be the kind found on the breakfast table.

Life on the outside is still like doing time except with a lot more distractions.11) You become really, really good at table tennis ‘I got really, really good at ping pong.If you wanted to get off your ass it was either ping pong or basketball, and I suck at basketball.However, if the inmate has been convicted of domestic violence, a sexual offence or stalking/harassment, then all letters are supposed to be read.”Although there are no official figures recorded on the number of letters sent, according to The Office for National Statistics, a report released only this year on population in UK prisons compares 81,881 men compared to 3,882 women currently residing in jail.

Most of us struggle to identify with the type of woman who would actively search for a partner in prison.

I thought to myself, he's probably got so many women writing to him, he'll throw it away because it doesn't mean a thing.