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They are most frequently used for nipple torture, although they can be applied to other body parts as well.Clover clamps for BDSM use are typically sold in pairs connected by a chain. These clamps produce a very intense sensation when applied to the body and are recommended for users who have prior experience with clamps.They are fantastic for attaching to a collar, or for use in predicament bondage. “Clover Clamps,” also known as “butterfly clamps” or “bird clamps”, are flat metal clamps about 4” long by 2” wide, loaded with a jointed cross or T-shaped spring mechanism. The tips of the clamp are covered in non-slip rubber pads.There is an eyelet at the end of the clamp opposite the jaws where a cord or chain can be attached.In modern times, this tool is commonly used in conjunction with a tabletop clamp as an aid for keeping fabric taut during hand sewing.

A pair of spring-hinged jaw clamps are outfitted with cross-shaped hinged mechanisms that causes the clamps to grow tighter and tighter as the connecting chain is pulled on.

, which will send a safe electrical current to any part of the metal clamp that touches skin, creating a “zapping” sensation.