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I had figured he was trying to gauge public opinion for a future show.There are enough men out there, most likely on college campuses, who wouldn’t think it unethical to have sex with a girl who was drunk. More than this, I also think there is a tendency to overlook that the majority of men who would have sex with a girl who is drunk is probably drunk himself.Well, I think there’s a lot of ageism in America going on, and I feel bad for the women that are getting into their 50s and 60 and 70s. Even though they’re a little bit — they’re a little bit cleaner. For successful, independent women like yourself, are there any qualities you advise similar women seek out and avoid when they’re looking for a match? I have a matchmaker that wanted to fix me up yesterday, and he was close to my age, and he was a good fit, everything was great, and then he said, “I don’t want anyone on TV,” because he thinks I’m the character on TV. So he said, well, he didn’t like the person he saw on camera. I mean, look at Christie Brinkley, and she says no one will ask her out ’cause of her age, and it’s like, , I’ve seen 26-year-olds [who] don’t look as good as her. And she wrote me back and said, “It’s better if people did not follow your career.” I said, “So what’re you gonna do? As you age, like Cher said, “It’s s–t.” Because you’re being judged by your age. EW caught up with Stanger, and she dished on the biggest change we’ll see this season, the double standards women still face in the dating world, and the origin of her most memorable isms. We really break you of your bad dating habits and relationship problems. When it came to Claudia Jordan, she had a serious problem that happened to her at 18, and Kelly [Bensimon] blames Bethenny [Frankel] for ruining her life. It’s like, you sit in the hot seat, I’m Barbara Walters [and] Dr. And then I [use] my intuition, I’m psychically reading them. And then, you know, you get your party, we coach you into doing what we have to do. He gets into it with Candace, they have a little brother-sister spat. It has really good moments of highs and lows, and what happens in the end — who ends up with somebody, and who doesn’t listen, and who does listen — and then we have crazy millionaires that… I believe you have mates, who come into your life for a reason. I don’t believe the Beshert [Hebrew for “soulmate”] Jewish theory that “There’s only one.” Oh, my God, I’d be out of business, okay? PATTI STANGER: We still do the screaming at the millionaire, we still do a party — you know, like a mingle and all that stuff — but you’re gonna get a healing, which means a healing in the hot seat. We do a love lesson, and it’s really me breaking everyone in the hot seat.He is also awaiting the release of war drama The Aftermath, with Keira Knightley, as well as new Netflix thriller Hold The Dark in June. Phil asked a question via Twitter which was quickly deleted: When I first saw it I didn’t get the impression that he was implying it was OK to have sex with drunk girls (or that he was asking “for a friend”).

And so, it’s not about getting the guy and the girl in the end. So we make decisions based on trauma that happens in our life, and then we create a road that we take in love that never, ever works. that’s what made Last season you introduced the hotel and sort of spying on people before they come and meet you. We do The Luxe Hotel, which is a very exclusive hotel in Beverly Hills — up in the hills of Bel Air, actually — and we use i Pads, and we use Roku on the screen, and we do sometimes spy on people, but that’s pretty much it. In the opening sequence, you said you come from a family of matchmakers.This facet rarely makes its way into the discussion. I have the impression that regret in hind-sight plays a role in the reporting intoxication related sexual assaults.All to often when both the guy the girl are at a party drinking it up and having a good time and both are drunk, the guy is held responsible for sexual assault. Not always, but more often that we’re willing to admit. It’s often presumed that men are most responsible for domestic violence.This also seems to be a conclusion prejudiced by the size difference and social acceptance of the idea that women are weak and defenseless. In instances of domestic violence, women are as often as men likely to be the initiator of the altercation.

(Science Daily) — The [University of Washington] study also found no independent link between an individual’s use of alcohol or drugs and committing domestic violence.

He added: 'So these women are very brave to talk about it, and I do believe it will fundamentally change things.'Alexander recently won a Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors' Guild award for his role as an abusive husband in HBO's Big Little Lies - but affirmed he was a staunch feminist, away from his characters. After bagging the gong for Best Supporting Actor in a Series or Miniseries, he gushed: 'I am here tonight because I had a privilege of working with a group of extraordinarily talented women. Thank you for making this the greatest experience of my career.'While he joked he felt like 'one of the girls' during filming onstage, Alexander also admitted in the interview he struggled to date or talk to women in his youth, as he felt they only cared about his status as an actor.

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