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We have a Stakeholder Engagement Policy to guide our engagement efforts.Around the world, we follow ethical business practices in our dealings with public officials, other companies and private citizens.AT&T and its subsidiaries are committed to equal employment opportunity. All qualified candidates will receive full and fair consideration for employment.

Our Principles of Conduct for Suppliers sets out AT&T’s expectations for human rights and labor practices The Code of Business Conduct training also incorporates principles of the human rights policy.For instance, New York City also prohibits discrimination on the basis of creed.AT&T complies with these and other applicable EEO laws, and prohibits unlawful discrimination.Our privacy policy identifies and describes the way AT&T uses and protects the information we collect about customers and users.

All use of AT&T's products and services, as well as visits to our Web sites, are subject to this privacy policy.

Additionally, we have a long-standing policy to adhere to the laws in the countries where we operate. The policy addresses our commitment to environmental sustainability and our efforts to minimize our environmental impact with regards to paper procurement.