Error 30 when updating keyfile

One more piece of info: Mini Key Pass is set to use UTF-8.That's interesting that the problem is intermittent.That said, I may happen upon a missing entry while looking for it on my i [email protected] Paul I think you are on to something with your keyfile changing.

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Although I cannot pinpoint the problem as being caused by background apps, that is certainly possible.If the keyfile is somehow corrupted it obviously won't work. Please allow me to clarify: I can open, save, and re-open my kdbx file on my computer ("PC"), with any password and key file I set it to (using Change Master Key under File in Key Pass); the key file can be ASCII, or a binary file (.jpg, .exe, .dll, .bin, etc).I don't think Mini Kee Pass is the cause of this problem though, the app only reads the file (never modifies). Can you delete the keyfile from your device and replicate the problem? I can open this same file in Mini Kee Pass, with the same password/key file combo.If that's the case, it probably isn't a problem with the character set.

I could not replicate what you were seeing @pdc1 on my i Phone 3GS.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but my issue is very similar... My issue is that I have a kdbx file, created on my PC, which I transfer to Dropbox, and from there load onto my i Phone 4S (IOS 5.0.1). My Master Key consists of a password and a Key File.

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