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Whenever a device that has been granted Guest Access is within range of your network, Portal automatically creates a guest network with random SSID and credentials.This information is securely exchanged over Bluetooth.Sony Pictures would have been well advised to employ VLANs, it would have limited the damage from their breach.Security is also much improved by isolating Io T (Internet of Things) devices as much as possible.As the administrator of a Local Area Network, I would like to be dinged every time a new device gets onto the network.The ding could be a text message, an email, perhaps even a beep sound.

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Sadly, reviews of routers never discuss any of this.As for answering these questions, my experience with self-updating routers has been minimal.However, someone from Linksys was kind enough to address these issues (Feb. I created a new page here for Self Updating Router Firmware and hopefully I can get answers from other router vendors too.The most expert person in the world can only make a router as secure as the firmware (router OS) allows.