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" I readily admit I have a reputation as an early finisher. Evidently you are some kind of fetishist who gets his kicks by sitting in a room with deadheads doing nothing useful. You probably go weak at the knees at the thought of a Stand Up Nine Thirty.

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A newly discovered strain of Android malware makes live recordings of ambient audio around an infected device.Behind me, I hear the programmer – John, I think his name was – giggles and blurts out: "Wow, that was quick!" Later on, he emails me to confirm it had been the briefest meeting he had ever attended. No, it's much better for deadheads to sit around achieving zero productivity during bugger-all and remaining utterly unreachable for hours on end AND get paid for it.Yes, I know there are 16 other people called 'John' on the project. "] Youtube Video And so it goes on around the meeting room. ) in the days long before the business was bought up by AOL (remember them? For reasons I cannot be bothered to explain, I had been invited to work there by legendary Sounds music journalist Jonh (sic) Ingham to help on the rollout of Compu Serve's re-imagined and fully curated home pages. " He suggested I call one of the coders, situated on another floor in the same building, to explain it to me properly. Later that afternoon, I find my way to the appointed place and see that it is a palatial boardroom in art deco style, a huge back-projected screen occupying an entire wall and the room dominated by a massive elliptically shaped table decorated with mysterious and arcane symbols intricately inlaid in walnut and brass.

Yes, seven of them are in this very room this morning. In those days, posting content to a bespoke content management system hosted in the US across a woefully under-powered and over-wrought T1 connection from an office in Reading was very challenging. There were a couple of things I did not understand in the interface and the documentation written by the in-house programming team was out of date. "John," I began, causing 17 heads to pop up from behind massive CRT displays. I do so, and the voice on the phone tells me he is going to arrange a meeting. It's like I have stepped into a Frank Herbert interpretation of a sci-fi King Arthur's future war room.

Apps ranging from business tools to games have been contaminated to carry the malware, according to Wandera.

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