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Nigerians have wised up to the scamming spammers such as 419 practitioners, the Yahoo Yahoo Boys and the Night People.Now they’re crowding into chatrooms such as Hi Nigeria, nimsanigeria, Online, UK Chatterbox, and Nigeria Chat Room to look for kindred spirits and do business with them.What it does do however is allow much more personal disclosure and sexual freedom especially for women who are now in an unregulated space online due to the feeling of safety, intimacy and privacy one feels one has on one’s mobile, and due to the immediacy of the chats, something called “hyper personal” intimacy develops.Which is why discovering your partner chatting online feels so devastating – you discover written words that he/she has never spoken to you, sexual activities and fantasies not shared with you and that’s besides the pain of discovering explicit selfies.My research protocols: On AM I created a profile as a single woman and one as a married man, and I had this lived experience for 2 years.

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Due to the fact that they are mostly online, people deny infidelity saying ”It's not like I’m having sex or anything”, since we traditionally used to associate infidelity with in real-life sexual contact.One wrote in Online recently: “I’m a 21-year-old young guy who is looking for a sugar mummy to cater for his needs. I am in Ejigbo, Lagos, and I promise to be good to that woman.”Many use chatrooms to express their love for their girlfriends or boyfriends. He didn’t know how to cope with a situation he was experiencing for the first time—meeting someone who admitted being gay.Analechukwu Nwachukwu, a student, wrote on Online “Baby, ur baby boy is missing u so much. People are committing CI without defining it as such.

They simply believe they are chatting so their intention is not to go online and cheat.

Online none of those cues are available, so we have to rely on words, emoticons and photos.

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