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I earned my love of ancient wisdom with my own effort, and I hold it close to my heart. These people are literally trying to-write history to suit their modern political agenda.This is a very glaring and instructive example of the penetration of leftist/SJW ideology into every nook and cranny of society. As the commenter astutely pointed out, this is gross cultural appropriation of the worst and most damning type – this is outright cultural theft.One year later, she decided to try a different tact to get noticed: she directly attacked me, the alt right, and many other thought leaders in a Jezebel piece titled Putting The Neo Back In Neo Nazi, which is a likely reference to neomasculinity.Nobody in their right mind would call Return of Kings a bastion of human decency.For living in a multi-million dollar home in a neighborhood with only a 1.7% black population (the national average is 12.6%), she seems terribly concerned about racism.Do you think she has even met a black person during her residence in one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States?

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I wouldn’t want to subject you to any more of her pseudo-intellectual writings, but it’s clear from them that she has a serious obsession with masculine writers who have normal testosterone levels, unlike her potato-faced husband, through her admission that she follows badthink sites daily along with the individual personalities behind them. If you had a more expansive soul and were possessed of deeper life experiences you might know this. I emphasize character, morals, and the education of the young because I know how important it is.I venerate these classical and Renaissance works because I know how true their lessons are for real life. If you did, you would never be able to miss the role of character and virtue in a great many classical and Renaissance works.I use them as a source of moral inspiration, a guide to a better life, and as a vision for the elevation of the human spirit. In fact, I think that deep down, you despise these books. No one ever gave me anything: I made my own way in life as the son of immigrants who did not have the benefit of being royalty like yourself. You don’t get to go back and retcon Plato into being an Afro-Caribbean hipster with an interest in women’s issues.The entire purpose of studying Classics is that the ideas and values of the Greco-Roman tradition are (sometimes literally) written in stone. They are attempting to steal Classical culture and remake it in the image of social justice (their god).

And it’s clear this Zuckerberg woman is a real piece of work.

Jobs, like prospective partners, have their strengths and weaknesses, which makes finding the right one a matter of complicated trade-offs.