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Online shops offers: Fragrance 4 items for 50.69 - 83.84 1 product for 61.45 GBPNotino DE-AT 4 items for 64.21 - 98.19 EURFragrance EUR 2 items for 64.59 - 94.39 EURFragrance 2 items for 79.44 - 116.09 USDStrawberry EUR 2 items for 87.50 - 119.00 EURView products... I can’t see anyone being offended by this fragrance. I love Guerlain's Vetiver too and have been on the fence about purchasing that one since smelling this.Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is a new edition for men and it arrives on the market in September 2009. Il me renvoie à l'enfance tout en me donnant une impression de protection. TF's has that rounded salty warmth to it, I'm not sure I could pull off wearing it as it definitely leans masculine (GV also does but is very wearable on me, crisper). I tried the EDT too but it just wasn't quite the same. The saltiness becomes more apparent as the fragrance works its way to the drydown. I love the initial burst of grapefruit, so lush and juicy, with a salty accord that gives this fragrance a fresh and clean feel.I am a submissive in bed and want to find a kind but dominant person to play with.

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It all sits on a base of woods, but like the Vetiver, never overpowering.