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For female comedians, TV can be especially hard, because we live in a world where the Internet will commonly split-screen people with a Muppet lookalike. We’d never be having this discussion were Dratch a man. She doesn’t do the same stuff as certain hot women—the whole I’m-really-hot-but-I’m-going-to-make-weird-faces-so-it’s-really-funny-wink-wink thing.

Men’s magazines don’t want Gonzo on a cover—no matter how freaking funny she happens to be.

She dedicated her life to her comedy/craft—she performed college-prov at Dartmouth, spent 10 years taking classes and performing in Chicago at places like Second City’s main stage (a pretty big deal for those of us who live in Chicago) and performed for seven years on SNL, where she came up with the legendary “Debbie Downer” character. Check out the clip with Dratch, Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan. The Internet concluded Dratch got re-cast for one reason: She wasn’t hot enough for the role: I was starting to feel like the ten years of training and performing and sweating it out pre-SNL, plus seven years at SNL, all flew out the window because I didn’t have a symmetrical face.