Harry potter and ginny weasley dating fanfiction

She tuned in to the sound of the elevator gliding down through the earth and the ding when they reached Level Three.She hoped it would stop so someone else could get in, or so she could get out and catch the next lift, but for once in her miserable career, they had the elevator car all to themselves. It should not have taken this long to move down two floors.She couldn't admit to anyone, especially her overprotective brothers, that she couldn't save herself."What was what all about? I was kissing my boyfriend."She stared straight at Ron, pointedly ignoring Malfoy, but she saw his head turn toward her, and she prayed to wizard God that he wouldn't rat her out. Least of all to you or Harry, so don't treat me like the only thing that I am is who I am to someone else. Come along, dearest."Then he swept Ginny away from the lobby and the lift, away from Ron and the few people from the previous crowd who had decided to linger.

While they had been snogging in front of the lift, Junker had been carried away to another floor, and a group of people had gathered around to watch them.(And Draco is not the sexual harasser.) Reviews appreciated!Chapter One: A Tiny Problem By the time Ginny spotted her supervisor, Jason Junker, approaching the elevator, it was too late.He raised his hands in front of him in a defensive gesture, but he wasn't intimidated at all.

He didn't seem to even notice the threat of her wand as he eyed her breasts in a way that was too obvious to be anything but deliberate. I was just testing the merchandise."Ginny's heart raced in her chest.

Jason Junker made her feel incredibly incapable and stupid, and she ashamed that nothing she had tried on him had deterred him in the slightest.