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Aside from group activities, he participated in various television dramas, appeared as a radio DJ and television presenter.She's a dongsaeng I would rescue if she fell into the water."To further show off their friendship, Taeyeon was asked to describe Heechul in four characters and she said playfully, "Completely crazy (wan jeon mi chin)." This must be a popular opinion as when Sunny was asked the same thing, she said, "Crazy guy." Hyoyeon said, "Friendly uncomfortable," while Yuri let loose with, "Rudeness.you go on your cyworld spilling all the wrong business and you go on these variety shows and spill your business.

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I myself am going into my mid twenties and have learned enough to know that if a guy is interested in a girl he is going to try and holla. Another thing is Hee Chul digs himself into deeper holes by continuing to run his mouth. Why, because he was on shows like Ya Shim Man Man, X-Man, and Golden Fishery talking about how girls annoy him and if you NEED PROOF I will dig up the youtube clips.Kim Hee-chul was born in Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province, on July 10, 1983. Kim graduated from Sangji University with a bachelor's degree in informatics through Bachelor's Degree Examination for Self-Education.While Jaejoong and Yunho went on to debut as TVXQ in December 2003, Heechul and Kangin joined ten other trainees under S. Entertainment to form the group "Super Junior 05", the first generation of Super Junior.I didn't understand at the time why she was like that.