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Distribution: Fossil records show emergence in West Africa, but the species has since spread to a number of active volcanoes across northern Africa.Volcanoes lava cats have been sighted at include but are not limited to Erta Ale, Mallale, Alu, and Nabro. Sapience: No Habitat: Containing every Nigerian lava cat is impractical and of questionable ethics, and due to their habitat, they are not in immediate danger of being exterminated or imprisoned.Khufu’s (he’s the one with the three nicks in the left ear) heat-shunting organs are defective; either hose him off with cold water or leave him in the ice box for a few hours.To supplement their diet, each lava cat should be given three kilograms of meat every two months.

However, monthly checkups are still required, as Nigerian lava cats must detach large pieces of their epidermis in order to grow.Nigerian lava cats also have sacs for storing oxygen during deep or long dives. Analysis indicates that it is virtually identical to obsidian in chemical composition and molecular structure, but obsidian is known for not being durable and fracturing easily, and the epidermis of Nigerian lava cats is extremely durable and doesn’t fracture at all.While magical altering of the obsidian remains a possibility, magical sensors reveal nothing magical about the epidermis or its formation, rendering some sort of natural molecular restructuring the most likely possibility.Tranqs will be necessary for operation, as Nigerian lava cats are understandably sensitive about having anyone near them when their epidermis is damaged.