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For this reason Lilith is believed in Jewish folklore to be a succubus, a sexual vampire or demon who came to men at night and caused wet dreams.The Queen of Sheba, portrayed in some legends as a seductive temptress or sorceress, is associated with Lilith in Jewish tradition.They found her on the banks of the Read Sea, copulating with demons, and giving birth to hundreds of demon children.She refused to return and was told that she would lose a hundred of her children every day if she did not, but still she refused.

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Her revenge for this curse (either the killing of her children or the giving birth to demons or then seeing them killed) is also varied.her name means “Screech Owl” or “Night Creature.” She is mentioned in the Bible as the Hebrew god, Yahweh, threatens the destruction of Edom (a land located to the south and east of the dead Sea) He describes what will happen after it is laid waste: “…The night creature shall rest there and find for herself a place of rest” (Book of Isaiah Chapter 34 verse 14).This Sumerian and Hebrew Goddess, once honored for her wisdom, freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality in pre 2300 BCE, was portrayed as a demon by Levite priests at the dawn of patriarchy.