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The bodyguards drove around while Jackson had sex in the back of his limousine."We had a curtain that covered the back seat, you couldn't see the back seat," says Whitfield, who still heard their loud exploits.Jackson was apparently always excited when Friend came to town and sent his bodyguards to buy her lavish gifts from stores such as Tiffany.

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Perhaps most shockingly the superstar who preached global kindness demanded that his bodyguards maintain an arsenal of weaponry, some illegal."We carried semi-automatic Glock pistols with extended magazines," reveals bodyguard Javon Beard.Driven from his Neverland estate in Santa Ynez, California, claiming "it's contaminated by evil" after the 2005 child molestation trial that ended in his acquittal, Jackson spent his final years moving around the US in seclusion finally settling in a Las Vegas mansion behind high walls."He hated it," says Whitfield, recalling Jackson's loathing that neighbours were too close while paparazzi swarmed at the gate and even hid in trees.FORMER policeman Whitfield and Beard were hired in December 2006 for a one-night assignment and never left.HE WAS a pop icon loved by millions but known by few.

Yet the two men who knew Michael Jackson best in the final two years of his life - the bodyguards who protected him around the clock - reveal a sad, isolated and paranoid man who romanced mystery women, was in such financial difficulties that he could not pay staff and whose credit cards were often declined.

After Michael Jackson's death a starry memorial service was held in Los Angeles.

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    Jun 3, 2014. A NEW book by his bodyguards reveals what the late Michael Jackson carried everywhere in a briefcase, how his credit card bounced and the women he saw in secret. "There were cotton-candy machines, popcorn machines, a clown that does make-up and makes balloons but no children," says Beard.…