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For one of their first dates, John had planned to impress Amanda by taking her to a big, expensive restaurant.His consultant pointed him to a casual spot instead, explaining, "Maybe she doesn't want a Dinner went well, and the two went on more dates over the following weeks.It's not like before." For single, urban women, the odds can be discouraging, even though China has more men than women.This imbalance results from the country's one-child policy, which has caused some parents to use abortion to select for male babies.Determined to find a boyfriend, Amanda signed up for a love consultant from A year's VIP service cost $1,300, but the chance to meet quality men with an expert's help was worth the high price."Does his mother have different values because she's not from Beijing? Xia, a trim, confident woman in a stylish suit, continued, "Your boyfriend and his mother have been together for 30 years; you two just six months.

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A waitress hovered by the indoor rock garden as—in the Chinese manner—we repeatedly deferred to each other over which tea to order.In other words, "Class A" men should marry "Class B" women. "Someone who takes care of others." Tai, a published novelist who is considered an accomplished professional, looked at me as if I were a child. People devote themselves to graduate school or a demanding job, and before they know it, it's time to get married—even though they've never had a serious relationship. in comparative literature, then she moved to Beijing to work as a translator.As one Chinese male friend explained to me, for a woman, having too much success is a much greater liability than being a few years "too old." One love consultant, a former Miss Beijing named Tammy Tai, ticked off the list of qualities that one of her top clients, a multi-millionaire investor, is seeking in a wife: "Someone who's an artist. That was the situation Amanda Zhang found herself in two years ago. And though Amanda was a chatterbox with her close friends, she didn't meet many people outside the office."Maybe you move to a new place, and don't know many people.

You can't meet people on the street or in the subway.

Knowing that Amanda was an innocent when it came to dating, her consultant gave her a basic run-down on how to relate to men—men and women express their feelings in different ways, men sometimes act the way they do because they fear rejection. Unfortunately, there were no sparks for several months.

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