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For years, I have been persuading my parents to get me a phone, just like the other 'cool' kids in my 5th grade class.Eventually, I noticed that all my friends, even the 'nerdy' ones, were starting to get nice, expensive, and upscale phones like the i Phone 6 .My grades throughout 6th grade were PERFECT and all of my other friends weren't AS good.I'm not saying the reason they don't have as good grades as me is because they have a phone. I think a good age to have a phone is in 9th grade, when you will have more reasons to use a phone and contact people since you are more dependent, reliable, and mature.(F)I am starting my 8th year of school here, and I do not have a phone.

This gave substantial evidence, however this did not get me a phone.

Does the child's belongings or school equipment ever get lost? As my grades kept getting higher each marking period, my Dad decided to get me a Christmas gift. I never really knew of social media until 6th grade.