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And of course, it’s the second performance of the saga in only 16 days, a double lightning strike for what had been an ultra-rare event.The most likely explanation for this rapid return is the fabled Gamehendge CD-ROM, teased in a 1994 Doniac Schvice and then never delivered.And there’s a moment in every Gamehendge set where Trey appears to remember this central flaw and starts rushing the narration — compare his words-per-minute here to the relaxed fireside storytelling of the first-known performance on 3/12/88.By the end of 7/8’s Gamehendge, it’s just “Errand Wolfe is the new Wilson, something something, let’s flash-backward (??? ” If a whole slew of new listeners were forever alienated by a lyric about rotting solar garlic, imagine what commercial damage this story could have done?

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In the over 20 years since this show, the final-to-date appearance of the full saga, most fans have given up hope that Trey’s senior thesis will return to the stage. They’ll never play Gamehendge again, because they don’t need it any more.Gamehendge, or The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, played the same role for the early days of Phish as the Dark Carnival/Joker’s Cards saga of ICP — a deep source of weird names and esoteric storylines that allowed fans to more firmly define the Us against the vague Them.For the first decade of Phish’s existence, the TMWSIY material served as another form of secret language by which the band could single out the faithful and informed.But if you had seen the song performed multiple times, heard dozens of versions on tape, and observed how their approach to the song’s improvisation evolved through the years, there’s even more to notice and enjoy; here, especially, how the band’s collective tension-release methods have sharpened enough to cut diamond.

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