Polite dating rejection letter

Quite often when we were on a break he would meet another partner and then very obviously flaunt her.This would break my heart as my self esteem was not great back then..First few months were ok, and later we got along as I compromised hoping some thing will change.

Strangely his birthday was the same as my mothers and one day ahead of my sisters. He implied that I brought out the worst in him and that the behavior was my fault.) Bottom line is, I want relationship/commitment but I think that she might be scared??? I love her so much I can't live without her to me she my perfect match.Even her girlfriends ask if we're dating and have said she adores me, but every time I try to take it to the next level w/ commitment, she seems to want nothing but fun and space until she is in the mood to hang out again. However my only problem is she want open her self 100 percent to me, and I think its because of her past with her old boyfriends.I get on really well with them and therefore - wrongly - assumed that we would be a match made in heaven. He was incredibly romantic and thoughtful and made me feel as if I was incredibly special. Even now I have to remind myself it wasn't all my fault..

Polite dating rejection letter comments

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