Polite dating rejection letter

Sometimes she brought me candy I liked, she would hold my hand in a way I like and stupid small things like that.Looking back those small things were significant because they always came in unexpected situations.

We've always had a crush on each other and a magnetism toward each other (and have had a series of past on and off hook-ups) Within the last few months, things have evolved from just occasional, passionate 'hook-ups' to intense and more frequent times together (which have been great)We've casually expressed that we like each other (I'm really nuts about her) and she has feelings for me but wants to take things 'slow' (which I took as rejection) and said she doesn't want 'commitment' RIGHT NOW (I think she still might have slight feelings from her ex from a year and a 1/2 ago, who lives across the country! Im not saying I don't believe her because she show to me that she is.For a few months I hung around compromising in hope that things will come back or change, but people rarely change, especially if they are Taurus's I guess.After reading about Taurus women it makes sense now lol I am a Taurus but right on the cusp of Gemini, though I still feel very much a Taurus - very homey, materialistic and love nice things also very practical.I am not sure if this is down to their star sign or perhaps I bring out the worst in them!