Ps3 media files not updating

That's the great thing about Windows is the choices we can make.-I have WMP Version 12.0.7601.17514 which was shipped with Windows 7.To include/update recently added music files, i.e., those which populated the library on first use of WMP, and was unsuccessful.The first album was found correctly and is found in the library. I can browse to the missing album and play it but it isn't in the library with the rest of the artists music. The album did come in at first but was missing 3 songs.I deleted it from the library (made sure it was still on the server) restarted Media Player hoping that it would refresh and find the full album.I tried removing the folder My Music as the default folder to point to then adding it again to include all music in My Music folder.The only thing which occurred was the original files in My Music on the first use of WMP added back and nothing else.

The issue is with Windows 7 using the newer SMB2 which does not like media players and XP etc.) and then magic happens and the PS3 can play them.I recently removed some of the videos from that folder and added new ones.Even if this workaround was effective, it seems pretty micky mouse considering that you have to manually remove all files, which could be comprehensive, then add them back in again to result in failure anyways.

Any one have any other simple solutions or know if MS has rectified this problem @ 2013 for a version created in 2009?

This tool lets you change Windows 7 to use the older and reliable SMB. Go to Seagate media player forums to get tool The answer is simple.

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